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The Shopping Shack

Some of my favorite other sites.

For the Man
Women Only...
Childrens Stores
Big Peoples Toys, Gifts and Essentials
Crafts and Things
Home Time
The Internet Malls and More
Food, Food, and More Food...
Some of my favorite other sites.

Just a few places you can go to earn a little money or points to use towards item purchases.

                                    the MyPoints Program. Earn free rewards!

MyPoints is a great program. Just read the mail that comes in. You don't have to accept any of the offers and you build points.
To Date I have accumulated over 5000 points and have given money (in the form of points) to the Red Cross Fund and purchased 3 magazine subscriptions using points only. (I opened a hotmail e-mail just for this)


I love my hotmail account. I do get junk mail but It doesn't clutter my ISP account, and that's why I like it.