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The Shopping Shack

Food, Food, and More Food...
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Food, Food, and More Food...
Some of my favorite other sites.

Food and the things that help you cook it and store it... and don't drool all over this page...Thanks!! (you'd never think I added Jullian Michaels to this website...

Just joined .  I like recipes.. and collect cookbooks, and this site is just one of many I have bookmarked.  Not even an affiliate program.. just a great site.  Enjoy, Inc.

I am a meat lover.. soo this is what I like..  but they have lots of other things for everybody.

I have ordered this food for my mother who totally loved it.  Very handy for older family members, or people who just don't want to spend tons of time in the kitchen but still get great food.

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Some like it Hot.. Try it you'll like it!


YUM YUM!!!!!!

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